Do you measure the results of your sales training?

Over 30 years ago I had the opportunity to experience Counselor Selling, pioneered by Larry Wilson. I still have the materials for the 40 hour course. Through hard work and application of consultative sales principles in that course, I transformed my career in sales. As a 30 year student of consultative sales and having participated in numerous consultative sales programs, I am very excited to now represent a sales development solution from PI Worldwide that scientifically combines a behavioral assessment and a consultative sales assessment with an outstanding course on consultative sales. The combination of assessments and workshops provides a powerful solution that will transform the performance of your sales team.

Scientific Selling PI Worldwide

This approach to the field of consultative selling was introduced to PI Worldwide by Nancy Martini in her ground breaking book “Scientific Selling: Creating High-Performance Sales Teams Through Applied Psychology and Testing”. I highly recommend this book if you would like to fully understand the power of this solution. Nancy is now the CEO of PI Worldwide and has provided this extraordinary program to those of us who represent PI Worldwide in the market.

How does our approach differ and why should you pay attention? We are not just offering a sales training, we provide the PI assessment to hire the right people into sales jobs who have the genetics that match the requirements of the sales position. Once the right person is hired, you no longer are trying to train people who are not suited for the job. With a genetic fit, you can focus on skill development of a person who can and will perform in the job. The next step is a consultative skill assessment, the Sales Skill Assessment Tool (SSAT). This assessment will assess where each current or new sales person is against 5 core consultative sales skills. This will give you a baseline of current skill level before the team members participate in the Customer-Focused Sales workshop. After the workshop, each team member is reassessed against those sames five skill sets to gauge learning. Where there are gaps, team members can be coached and developed to gain the skills necessary to be leaders in your field. And you will have the confidence in knowing that you will be investing time and energy in people who are genetically suited to do the very important work of sales.

Here are brief descriptions of each piece of this performance solution set.

The Predictive Index® System is a powerful set of management tools that help you make science-based decisions about the people and teams who work to drive your organization’s success. Delivering valuable insights into workplace behaviors and skills, the PI® system transfers the knowledge of our systems to you, allowing you to predict fits and gaps, pinpoint coaching, and develop future leaders. A PI Worldwide® solution.

The Predictive Index Management Workshop™ transfers PI® knowledge to managers at all levels of your organization. Like no other course, the PI® Workshop gives you invaluable insight into yourself and the power to predict how others will perform. Learn to develop people-smart management skills, decipher leadership styles and how to promote an environment of productivity and cohesion by adopting and applying PI® data throughout your organization. A PI Worldwide® solution.

The Sales Skills Assessment Tool™ (SSAT) uses scientific methodology to obtain skill data about a person’s sales skills. Consisting of 25 targeted, scenario-based questions that assess the critical skills essential to successful consultative selling, managers are equipped with a detailed and accurate quantification of selling ability, allowing you to tailor your training initiative to exacting degrees. A PI Worldwide® solution.

Customer Focused Selling™ Workshop is a unique training course based upon statistical assessment that provides all the core competencies needed for effective consultative selling. This highly interactive two-day workshop will be specified to your team’s specific development needs. The ability to target training to needed areas of improvement produces motivation for individuals to perform at their full potential. A PI Worldwide® solution.

If you are involved in selecting and developing sales people or if you are responsible for the performance of a sales organization, this is a solution that you must explore.

Contact John Inman today to learn how these solutions can help you accelerate performance in your organization! 425-954-7256

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