Long history of infighting between ops and support management teams


Leadership team of 850 person customer service division of telecommunication firm was suffering from increased tension and reduction of working relationships between the operations and support management teams leading to reduced morale and engagement in the team and poor performance of the business.


  • Leadership team communication deteriorated and conversations had come to a halt.
  • Team members lacked trust in leader’s ability to lead resulting in reduced engagement in the business.
  • Poor decisions based on a lack of collaboration resulted in implementation of solutions that did not serve the best interests of the business and resulted in a large drop in performance.


  • Designed and implemented a dialogue and deliberation intervention that broke down the barriers between management groups, created a new story to live into, and helped define a series of action projects to transform the business. The minimalist approach of the intervention took only 5 hours of management time.


  • Structure of leadership meetings and projects was redesigned to facilitate close collaboration between the two leadership groups.
  • The intervention broke down barriers, eliminated misperceptions, built relationships and trust, and created a foundation for close collaboration to transform the business.
  • Mid level supervisors felt better supported improving their ability to support their teams helping improve metrics across the board.
  • Team member morale and engagement increased based on a renewed trust in senior leadership leading to moving the business into the top 10% of businesses within the division of the corporation.

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