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We bring strong expertise in all solution areas of our practice and will partner with you to design and implement solutions that transform your organization or community to thrive in current market realities. We also provide direct consulting with leaders to help fill in knowledge areas or research solutions to improve management and leadership performance or position for promotion.


As an evidence-based coaching company, our work is based in dialogue as coaching. Our non directive approach is to help our clients self discover. The basic approach is the same whether it is developmental coaching or performance coaching. If advice is needed, we switch to a consulting conversation and make our intentions clear.

Facilitating and Training

We provide expert facilitation of workshops, meetings, community forums, or retreats. Facilitation is a directive conversational approach where the conversation direction is influenced by the facilitator through the skillful used of questions and insights.


When an external mentor is needed, we bring a strong background in mentoring and developing leaders at all levels of the organization. Mentoring draws off of the same consulting experience outlined above but is focused on a one on one relationship over a period of time.


Our presentations include topics on the role of women in transforming organizations and the world, multi-generational collaboration, dialogic OD, conversational leadership, social change through multi-generational dialogue, and leading in complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

Strategic planning

We developed a process improvement based strategic planning process in the early 90’s and have used it extensively with organizations that wish to view the organization as a system rather than a group of disparate parts. The process is scalable and highly effective and is used for both marketing, community, and operational planning processes.

Solutions Based on Evidence and Experience

Our practice is evidence based and is focused on developing world class social systems

Process based organization theory – Tor Hernes, Sally Maitlis
Organization as communication –  Ralph Stacey, Patricia Shaw, James Taylor, Elizabeth Van Every, Niklas Luhmann
Dialogue and deliberation – Barnett Pearce, David Bohm, Harold Saunders, Daniel Yankelovich, Martin Burber, (Baker, Jensen and Kolb)
Dialogic OD (Our defined field of practice) – Gervase Bushe, Bob Marshak, David Grant
People Analytic’s – PI Worldwide,, Social Capital Growth Partners
Other practice and research fields: Leadership, Generational studies, Conversational learning, Systems, Change, Transformational learning, Coaching as dialogue

Case Studies

The case studies provided are just a sampling of work that we have done and may provide a spark of an idea that can form the foundation for a conversation about where you might want to go in your organization or community.

Work Examples

A unique two day orientation steeped in Native American culture and built on cultural understanding, service, and respect. The 90 page presentation published in InDesign CS is an example of the cultural work I do. From conception to delivery, this orientation is my work. I worked in partnership with the museum, tribal elders, and language and heritage for the tribe. I can create a similar solution for other organizations.

Comprehensive 10 week leadership development program based on a blended curriculum cohort model. The program is experiential, includes World Cafe Workshops, is systems based and was responsible for providing the foundation for transformation of a clients resort. From conception to deliver, this curriculum is my work. This program can be customized and delivered in any setting.

Web based supervisor training and development platform developed in the telecommunications industry. This development program replaced a national network of binders of resources provided to supervisors, managers, and directors. The program was used to fast track the development of new supervisors and as a development platform to be used by supervisors for their subordinates. This program was responsible for cutting development of new supervisors by two thirds.

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