Camp Snowball was an outstanding week

group picture from Camp Snowball 2015














We had 21 states, 4 countries, and over 300 children and adults all focused on systems in education. What a fantastic experience. I met so many nice people and most assuredly will have friendships developed from the camp. It was particularly nice to talk with so many people on the front line of trying to help our children. I am motivated to continue to reach out and explore ways to connect with this community and contribute. We had excellent speakers including Yong Zhao, Janice Jackson, Dennis O’Donoghue, and of course Peter Senge.

Each person participated in a core module for 13 hours of the camp. I participated in Stepping into a New Leadership Role: Tools for Creating a Learning Culture by Mike Maryanski and Dawn Wakeley of Tahoma School district, the district my daughter attends. All helping lead that session was Ed Porter. A great session with great interaction. I met lots of people from Portland and a very cool person from Mexico, Sam Sims.

We had a wonderful graphic recorder for the event and I have posted links to his recordings of each of the five days at the camp.  His name is Bryan Coffman. First time I have experienced his work and it is wonderful.

Monday Graphic Recording

Tuesday Graphic Recording

Wednesday Graphic Recording

Thursday Graphic Recording

Friday Graphic Recording

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