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Learning Disabled Children With Gifts (2e) Are Often Ignored in Schools

Teachers find it far easier to address giftedness as an exceptionality or learning disabilities or ADHD as an exceptionality than having to deal with multiple exceptionalities in children. The contradictions generate the challenges. Although there are challenges, when educators focus on developing innate talents rather than fixing weaknesses, 2e children will thrive. I find focusing […]

First ever Dialogic OD Conference in Vancouver BC last week

The first ever dialogic organizational development conference was last week in Vancouver BC at Simon Fraser University. The opening remarks were taped from an interview with Edgar Schein which framed the day beautifully. We had numerous opportunities to engage with others at the conference and the ongoing conversations were a high point for the event. […]

An extraordinary voice for children and schools in Erin Jones for Washington State Superintendent of Education

In a time when public schools and teachers are under attack, ineffective measures for reform are mandated, and those who have our children’s best interest at heart are demoralized, Erin Jones shines as a voice for all that is right with our children, parents, communities, teachers, and schools. It is time we stopped waging war […]

Camp Snowball was an outstanding week

                          We had 21 states, 4 countries, and over 300 children and adults all focused on systems in education. What a fantastic experience. I met so many nice people and most assuredly will have friendships developed from the camp. It was particularly nice […]

The Flow Game

                            Toke Moller, the creator of the Flow Game and of Art of Hosting, visited Seattle last weekend to train a group of new Flow Game hosts. I participated in the Sunday session where those hosts facilitated the game with volunteers. There […]

Why You Should Hire For Potential, Not Experience

Great Fastcompany article By Dinah Wisenberg Brin When you’re hiring, look past the experience candidates come with, to the potential for them to grow into the perfect fit for your company. An electronics retailer hires a CEO who seems to possess the ideal credentials and skills, only to find him ill-prepared to handle changing market […]

A Data-driven Approach to Organizational Change in Healthcare

A Data-driven Approach to Organizational Change in Healthcare is copied from the September 2014 issue of  PI Worldwide News and Insights.   In a new era of healthcare technologies and policies, American Health Network (AHN) medical group recognized it needed more effective procedures and methodologies to help its employees navigate the nuances. The organization turned […]

New Seminar: Winning with Natural Talent

New Seminar Roll Out Winning with Natural Talent: Developing High Performance through Selection, Development, and Leadership of Natural Talent Printer Friendly Version   Length: 60 minutes. Capable of expanding with experiential exercises to meet the needs of longer format Setting: In person instructor led or virtual instructor led Audience: Any group of organization leaders: Association […]