Dr. John Inman Learning Exceptionalities Fact Sheet

Dr. John Inman as a steward

Dr. John Inman brings a background in educational scholarship and practice to help educators create cultures where children are successful. He has invested years learning to create cultures where learners engage, thrive, and realize their potential. His work is situated in the universal design for learning (UDL) field.

As a learner who grew up dyslexic, Dr. Inman has a deep empathy for alternative learning children and adults that comes from life experience, not just theory. His mission is to make sure children who are growing up as he did do not have to experience the shame and humiliation of being labeled slow, unintelligent, and broken.

Dr. Inman is conscious of the structural inequality built into education systems leading to large groups of children without a chance to learn they have gifts let alone realize their potential. The social cost is unnecessary with the right interventions.

Dr. Inman has a passion for improving the lives of our children through unleashing the wisdom, creativity, and passion of adults who lead them. His practice is based on the belief that classroom teachers hold the key to transforming our children’s lives. He is dedicated to helping them do so through respect, development, engagement, leadership, and innovative strategies.

Dr. Inman believes teachers are leaders, not just deliverers of curriculum and should be treated and respected as leaders. In complex times, leaders reach out across boundaries and create communities of professional practice to improve everyone’s performance. Transforming our schools cannot be done one teacher at a time, teachers must rise together to transform the educational experience of children. Dr. Inman has worked decades developing leaders who thrive in complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity. He is committed to the development of educational excellence with leaders who excel in building high performance cultures through developing all professionals in the building or district.

Dr. Inman embraces the coordinated management of meaning (CMM), inquiry, dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement to help communities come together to co-create the future they envision. He has a personal history of and commitment to talent development for all team members in order to develop performance cultures where all adults and children thrive.

Dr. Inman is fluent in developing, transforming, and managing organizations focusing on systems, emerging HR strategies, people analytics, developing leaders, constituent relations, and building responsive communities.

Dr. Inman’s doctoral research focused on twice-exceptional education and Indigenous learning. http://www.johninmandialogue.com/organization-resources/universal-design-learning/

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