Global technology business suffering from cutbacks and business overload

Situation: Global technologies business had suffered cutbacks, replacement of key leaders, and at the same time faced a change in a critical infrastructure supplier and was facing a data center move. They were overwhelmed. Applications and infrastructure were at odds, expectations were broken, and mistrust was pervasive. Leaders were at a breaking point. Challenges:

  • Leaders from applications and infrastructure were not talking.
  • Leaders were demoralized and could not see how to deal with the onslaught of projects with reduced staff.
  • There was not a process set up to build cross functional relationships, trust, and collaboration.


  • Designed and implemented a multiple session intervention based on dialogue and deliberation designed to transform the communication processes in the business. The intervention was specifically designed to help build the social system that supported the work needed, not to teach these professionals how to do their work.


  • Immediate cross divisional collaboration on core business process necessary for delivery of world class solutions resulting in effective working relationships and delivery of mission critical solutions.
  • Expectations were clearly articulated so that tensions at the intersection of divisions were reduced leading to improved working relationships, trust, and respect.
  • All stakeholders were brought into the design of applications so that the delivery of solutions included consideration for the full lifecycle of the solution which reduced the costs of supported delivered solutions.
  • Team members at all levels of the business began to reach out and include each other in work and personal conversations building the relationships necessary to support a world-class global technologies business.

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