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John in Tamil Nadu, India during a volunteer trip with the Aravind Eye Care System.

John Inman, Ed.D., M.A., Ed.M., DDPE, is the founder and principle of John Inman Dialogue, Learning Exceptionalities, and Dialogic Leader, a Seattle based consultancy focused on designing containers, convening, and hosting conversations for organizations and communities of all types. He has a passion for developing healthy and productive social systems where individuals are treated with respect and are able to thrive and grow, accelerating the delivery of value to stakeholders. Areas of expertise include leadership and organization development, coaching, adult education, special education, and workforce analytics. His work is founded on the emerging field of Dialogic OD.

Dr. Inman is a long standing organization leader and developer of leaders in technology, financial, non-profit, government, education, scientific, and service firms. He focuses on the local conversations that create organization and community cultures, which provide his clients with the mindset shifts necessary to lead in these challenging times. He invested half his career in business development and marketing starting in field sales in critical care medicine and progressing to senior leadership in several small to medium sized enterprises in bio-technology and technology. He then transformed his career to his current field of coaching and consulting, and has worked as an internal and external leadership and organization consultant for the last 14 years in finance, secondary education, service, technology, and gaming entertainment.

Dr. Inman has a bachelor’s degree in business management, a master’s of education degree in adult education and organization development, a master’s of arts degree in human and organization systems, and  a doctorate in education leadership and change. Dr. Inman published “Using dialogue then deliberation to transform a warring leadership team” in the Spring 2013 edition of the OD Practitioner, the international publication of the OD Network. He has worked with several early phase start up enterprises in industries including: Retail, Bio-technology, Consulting, Software, Restaurant, Education and pre-IPO Internet.

Dr. Inman lives with his wife and daughter near Seattle, Washington and enjoys walking, road biking, researching, and time with his family.

Dr. Inman one page capability fact sheet for educational excellence.

Dr. Inman one page capability fact sheet for dialogic leadership.

Dr. Inman turnaround/startup executive

You can reach Dr. Inman at or at 541-497-3774.

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