Twice-Exceptional Children Are Gifts

Developing the Talents of 2e Children


I am excited to release my new book, Twice-Exceptional Children Are Gifts: Developing the Talents of 2e Children. I am an educator and this book is designed to help educators, parents, administrators, and community groups understand twice-exceptionality, neurodivergence, and how to help 2e neurodivergent children thrive and realize their potential. The book is available in hardback, softback, and epub formats. Distribution is worldwide.

ISBN 978-1-7353333-1-1 (pbk)
ISBN 978-1-7353333-2-8 (hbk)
ISBN 978-1-7353333-0-4 (ebk)

Note: I keep getting asked where to buy the book. Distribution is through Ingram, the largest book distributor in the world: Some 24,000 outlets. I love independent booksellers so have resisted putting a link to Amazon US on this site. But I will add to at least make it easier to find. If you go to your favorite bookseller, just give them the ISBN and they can order, anywhere in the world. It will be fast as your bookseller probably gets weekly shipments from Ingram already. 

Description of the Book

This book is the story of my lifelong 2e journey informed by traditional Indigenous learning

To address the daunting challenges we face as a global community, we need people who can see the world beyond an “either-or” dualistic perspective. This book presumes such a dualistic perspective has been especially damaging to the twice-exceptional (2e) or gifted and learning disabled (Gifted and LD or GLD) children of the world, children who are growing up like I did, gifted and learning disabled. These children have so much potential to see the world as connected and to teach us to honor diversity and complementarity. Yet the Western educational paradigm typically thinks of these children as broken and in need of fixing. 2e children often find themselves separated, provided remedial programs, medicated, and made to feel broken or just ignored as they can appear average. If 2e children are noticed at all, educators usually focus on 2e children’s disabilities rather than on their gifts. If the pattern of medication and behavioral modification intervention causes these children to underperform or drop out of the educational system altogether, we have lost valuable members of society who can help us solve complex challenges.

Praise for Twice-Exceptional Children Are Gifts

John Inman’s book strikes home four-fold in his well-supported autoethnography. He shows how Indigenous ways of being in the world are necessary for bringing balance back into the world; respecting diversity; offering a better approach to “special education;” and providing hope for future generations.

— Four Arrows, Ph.D., Ed.D., author of Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education, and professor in the College of Education Leadership for Change at Fielding Graduate University

I found your story an interesting one and a ‘good read.’ The whole account is logical and lucid and follows an interesting helical or spiral-patterned flow. I do think that you have made an important contribution to understanding by introducing the concept of Indigenizing education based upon holistic principles. You show the importance of dialogic in bringing the two fields together.

— Diane Montgomery, Ph.D., author of Teaching Gifted Children with Special Educational Needs: Supporting dual and multiple exceptionality and Emeritus Professor of Education at Middlesex University, London. She is a qualified teacher and chartered psychologist specializing in research on giftedness and learning difficulties.


Twice-Exceptionality, Indigenous Learning, Gifted Education, Learning-Disabilities, Universal Design for Learning, Cluster-Grouping Classrooms, Multiple Pathways, Dialogue, Experiential Education, Project-Based Learning, SEED

Special Pricing

If a school district or parent group is interested in multiple copies of Twice-Exceptional Children Are Gifts: Developing the Talents of 2e Children, I can offer a quantity discount of 40% on purchases of 10 or more copies if purchased directly from me. Reach out at and let me know what you are interested in and I will help your group or district.

Materials for Location

I can provide copies of covers as posters or customize posters based on the cover art. If interested please reach out directly to me and we will figure out how to meet your needs.

On-Site Support

If you would like me to visit your location to work with your educators or parents, I am happy to do so and can wrap books and posters into a site visit. I will structure the visit to meet your needs. Reach out and let me know what you would like to achieve and let’s explore how I can help make that happen for you.

Universal Design for Learning Resources

You will find my original research, models, dissertation, documentaries and movies on education and 2e (my favorite is Like Stars on Earth), books, and papers on my Universal Design for Learning resources page.

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