Transforming Your Organization or Community to Thrive in The Emerging World©
A Series of 1/2 or 1-Day Experiential Workshops Customized to Your Organization Objectives. The workshops can also be combined to create a multi-day retreat or planning session and can be added to an existing retreat.

Strategic alignment

Work with senior leadership teams to create cross functional collaboration reducing silos and sub-optimization leading to improved value delivered to the market. Foster conversations vertically and horizontally within the organization that lead to culture innovation through engagement of all associates in the organization.

Multi-generational collaboration

Engage multi-generations to draw out the innate wisdom and capabilities of each generation building powerful working relationships, respect, and engagement that leads to better value delivered to the market and sustainable results in a climate of complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

Cultures of innovation

Develop a culture of innovation through full engagement of all associates in the enterprise through collaborative and dialogic strategies designed to co-create new knowledge and insights rather than simply bringing forth existing knowledge for individuals.

Business development

Build a powerful business development program that goes beyond simply consulting with clients to provide needed solutions. Create strategic partnerships that provide unforeseen value to both the clients and the enterprise creating sustainability in the market for both partners.

Team development

Work with both intact work teams and cross functional teams to reduce conflict, build trust, and improve performance.

Associate engagement

Gain the full engagement of associates through improved leadership. Strip the fluff and superfluous away from the concept of engagement and learn to focus on the 20% that produces the 80% of the result, and that is leadership behaviors.

Leadership development

A change in leadership behaviors starts with a change in mindsets. Rather than spend valuable leader time learning about leadership styles and techniques, invest that time in experiences that will shift the prevailing mindsets to ones that support leading in the current realities, ones that require a conversational approach to the organizational community.

Management development

Being an effective manager is all about learning to get the work of the organization done and done well. Whether infusing coaching as a management practice, effective feedback, prioritizing work, managing meetings, or work assignment processes that improve trust and performance, we help your managers become skilled at the craft of management.

People analytics

We use Predictive Index to improve recruiting, succession planning, conflict resolution, coaching, sales performance, leadership development, job planning, team building, and retention.

Executive for Hire

With a background and depth of business experience, Dr. Inman is ideally suited to join an executive team as general manager, COO, or chief of staff. His talent is that of an integrator ideally suited to work with a visionary. Integrator marketing piece

Leaders must work to get the best out of each person, as there is power in commitment. A group of committed and passionate people working together can achieve great work. Just like a drop of rain has little impact, when combined with others, great work is the result.

Contact Dr. Inman at 541-497-3774 or at to explore how he can help you transform managers into leaders who thrive in complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.