Leader of 120 person customer service team failing after achieving a high level of performance


A millennial leader who had achieved a high degree of success in her performance lost her footing and began to lose confidence.  Her team performance plummeted and her future in the business was questionable.


  • Confidence of leader was fractured due to an unsupportive supervisor, continuous conflicting input, and a series of failed strategies to improve.
  • Her once high performance team was performing poorly and she was now at the bottom of the business in metric outcomes.
  • Both she and the business director were concerned that she might not survive the struggles.


  • I was asked to coach this leader by the director of the business. She and I worked together in partnership for a year. As a performance coach, I actively participated in conversations between supervisors and her and their reports. I regularly held coaching and strategy sessions with her as well. I also acted as a developmental coach allowing her to self-discover her strengths and direction.


  • Her confidence improved and her improved skill as a conversational leader helped her become the top performing manager in the business.
  • She became the sought after leader in the business for stepping in when the associate director was absent as well as the go to person for input on business strategy and direction.
  • She consistently performed at the top of the business helping move the business forward in customer satisfaction and metric results.
  • She recently was recruited into a director position for another business based on her leadership competencies, reputation, and performance.

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