Learning Disabled Children With Gifts (2e) Are Often Ignored in Schools

Teachers find it far easier to address giftedness as an exceptionality or learning disabilities or ADHD as an exceptionality than having to deal with multiple exceptionalities in children. The contradictions generate the challenges. Although there are challenges, when educators focus on developing innate talents rather than fixing weaknesses, 2e children will thrive. I find focusing on helping children realize their gifts a similar approach to my past professional work helping adults realize their potential.

My new book, Twice-Exceptional Children Are Gifts: Developing the Talents of 2e Children, directly addresses how teachers and parents can support 2e children, children who have both learning deficits and gifts. If you are a teacher or a parent who is supporting 2e children, my new book is a must-read. You can find more details on my book on my website at https://lnkd.in/g24jgA4 or you can order from Amazon through this link. Available in hardback, softback, and epub. #2e #twiceexceptional @learningexceptionalities

Thank you for your interest in supporting these children, they are gifts. Dr. John Inman www.learningexceptionalities.com or 541-497-3774



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