The concept of delegation comes with a lot of baggage. It is rife with fear, ego, and power. The result is often supervisors who do not let go of work and employees who when asked to do work deliver results that do not meet the expectations of the supervisor. Time, energy, morale, engagement, trust, and relationships are compromised leading to lower productivity and profitability (think dollars, mission, community, culture, or other measures of value delivered) for an organization.WRF Cover Rotated

It is for this reason that this free guide focuses on work assignment as a concept. Being able to assign work effectively is a core management skill. Organizations simply would not survive if work was not assigned. One thing for sure, if this simple conversational format is followed, trust will increase, work will be delivered as expected, micromanagement will decrease, empowerment will increase, engagement will increase, relationships will improve, and performance will improve. Not bad for one simple conversation.

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