Marketing group of 26 struggling with divisional communication and direction


This high performance marketing team supporting a financial services business was experiencing intergroup communication and resource allocation issues that prevented the team from operating at the level needed by the business.


  • Load balancing between groups was hampered due to lack of intergroup collaboration.
  • Tensions were increasing due to abrasion between the groups.
  • Difficulty identifying where to add needed resources to support divisional growth and performance.


  • Two stage intervention. First stage brought full team into a dialogue and deliberation session to develop agreement on the direction of the division and where to focus limited resources. Second stage brought full team together to understand both individually and as a team work preferences and allocation of talent within the division to support future growth. Used both MBTI and Team Management Systems (TMS) as tools to help reveal needed changes within the division.


  • Inter group relationships, trust, and rapport improved leading to a reduction of tension and more focus on delivering world class work.
  • Groups were able to see where resources could be shifted and added to insure the groups were staffed to deliver the increased demands of the division.
  • Critical inter group activities that had been ignored were identified and implemented to build the foundation for ongoing relationships leading to far less work distracting noise.

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