Getting the right people in the right positions transforms organizations

There is so much time and energy invested trying to get people to perform in jobs for which they are not suited. There is a better way. And that better way is to do a better job in the selection process. This cannot be done by simply screening resumes better, as resume screening is ineffective 80% of the time. Doing better on this is not yielding results. We need predictable performance improvement and resume screening is not the way to get it. Genetic predisposition is what creates over 50% of the success of a person in an organization. This is where the focus must be, understanding the genetic behaviors and cognition that a person brings to the organization. As well, if an employee is failing, rather than removing them from the organization, a much better and more respectful approach is finding a job that suits their genetics. So whether it is initial screening of applicants, repositioning of struggling employees, screening for advancement, or accelerating high performance, effectively assessing genetics is the best solution. Visit my people analytics page to learn more about a potential solution.

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