"Coach Performance Skills" - A Learning Journey for High Performance Coaches


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Once the study of a performance skill is completed, the coach will take an assessment to gauge her understanding of the concepts presented in that skill. We have built assessments into the program so that progress is easy to inspect and as TM's have conversations with their coaches, they will know where the coach needs improvement and where they are excelling and be able to talk directly to those areas. 


Welcome to "Coach Performance Skills. This is a self-study course to help coaches become grounded in the core skills that are necessary to create a high performance team. The 5 "Coach Performance Skills" are intended to provide you with the 20% of the skills that will produce 80% of your success. The resource links of Have a Plan, Build Strong Relationships and Business Awareness will provide you with the majority of the rest of the knowledge you need to build a high performance team.

Being successful as a coach requires that you understand at your core that you are here to develop high performance CSR's not manage metrics. Once you get that by creating engaged, motivated, appreciated, trained, and happy team members, you will be successful, your life will be far easier and more fun. If you are having fun and your team members are having fun, most likely your customers will have fun. This translates into loyal customers for the enterprise.

The foundation of this model started in a conversation between Rickie Morton, Shaun Caudillo, and John Inman in August of 2008. John invited Shaun to present how to do effective action plans for his management team of coaches. Shaun was a coach working for Rickie at the time. From that conversation, Shaun developed the "Coach Performance Skills" model which provides the foundation for this coach development program. The lesson to be learned through the development of this coach development program and the "Coach Performance Skills" that it is based on, is that learning and innovation are born out of conversation. No one person sat in a closed room and thought this body of work up, it was truly born out of three people in intense collaboration. It is extraordinary to see what a couple people in conversation around a question that matters can achieve.



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