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Masters of Education Portfolio of John Inman


We started our studies in self-organized learning in June of 2002 during my seventh month of being out of work. The course was not an intellectual exercise for me as I was living total chaos in my life. The learning that I experienced during this period was extraordinary. I reached the lowest point in my career emotionally and was at the end of my rope, so to speak. And at the same time, I set upon a course to define my future life's work, that of conversational learning. In one conversation with Don, he provided the insight that I was living the chaos that we were studying. During this experience of total chaos, opportunity emerged and my career took off in a direction that I had not envisioned. What a fabulous opportunity to use my knowledge, skills, and attitudes to help an organization. 

I have provided my paper on this life changing event and have added a reflections paper that I wrote while on fire watch on a logging project. I also designed and wrote a chaos training to be used for students of chaos to learn chaos. These two papers are not necessary for the portfolio; however, both of them provided tremendous growth, development, and understanding helping me emerge out of chaos. They were part of the total experience at the critical juncture in my life and may be of interest to the reader.

Out of chaos emerges opportunity

Reflections, a self conversation on man and nature

Chaos Game developed to provide a chaos process designed to help learners learn concepts of chaos and the labels that are designed to go with the game.

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