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Masters of Education Portfolio of John Inman


My capstone project is an outcome of the extensive work I am doing at Spirit Mountain Casino to transform the way we are leading the food and beverage department. I have developed a management development program designed to build the professionalism and performance of the management team within food and beverage, and this project is reflected here as my capstone. 

Challenged with a 24/7 operation and difficulty bringing all of the management team together for training, I have chosen a web based approach to the program with conversation circles every other week to meet as a cohort to explore what has been learned during the two weeks.

When I started this masters program, I never would have believed that I would be developing a web based program. I am technology fluent; however, I did not see this direction as an option for me. Now here I am doing just what I would never have believed that I would do. It never ceases to amaze me how much my horizons have expanded as I have learned and grown through this masters program. 

I am using everything that I learn and integrating my new knowledge, skills, and attitudes into my practice and who I am. I believe that this capstone is a reflection of the quality work that I have learned to do and has provided a sizable stretch for me as I have grown as a professional instructional systems designer and a leader in developing organizations that foster capabilities and capacities in critical human resources. 

As I reflect on the last three years and the experiences in which I have participated, I can see that I have achieved the professional growth that I envisioned at the beginning of the masters program. I can clearly see an organization as a living system and the implications that has on transformation. I still struggle with my ability to communicate what I can clearly see to others who cannot see. I suspect that this will be a continuing challenge as I continue this journey beyond the confines of this masters program.

My capstone is developed in the FrontPage web curriculum design platform, easyT 2000 by Global Presence. The software is developed in Australia and has been an excellent platform for this program.  I also purchased the survey and assessment modules for the program but have not been able to implement due to code conflicts at my ISP. I hope to have this ironed out soon.

Note: 5/29/06: From this early prototype, I have gone on to rebuild, complete, and deliver this robust leadership development program based on the original concept that I delivered for the masters program. The program is now a 10 week college course, blended curriculum, based on a cohort model, and is living systems based. When you go to the link below, you will be taken to the completed program stripped of any company information as it can be redelivered to the market again. 

You will be taken to a new web site in a new window as you explore my capstone, Actively Working Together.

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