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Masters of Education Portfolio of John Inman


Note: If you would like to review my assessment projects before reading my reflection, please go to the bottom of the page.

Before beginning this course, my knowledge of assessment was limited to a slight knowledge of scoring guides. I lacked an understanding of authentic assessment, formative assessment, summative assessment, rubrics, and scoring guides and how to apply each to help create learning. Regardless of the application in employee performance appraisal or in a learning setting, the understanding I have gained of how to effectively use assessment has been a tremendous help in my work. 

I was weak in all areas of instructional systems design and in assessment in particular. The final project for this course consisted of searching for an assessment that needed work and, based on what we learned in the course, to then rebuild the assessment into a more effective tool. I chose an employee assessment for improvement from the Oregon University System. Even though we failed  to receive feedback on the final project, I believe that the reconstructed rubric that I created was a great improvement over the original. Both original and my adaptation are attached for the purpose of this portfolio. 

I am in the process of working on a performance alignment project at work  that may become the foundation for a complete restructuring of the program used by the casino as a whole. The restructuring project is a very exciting project based on an end-to-end alignment from employee selection to employee review and development. I started the project with the philosophy that the team members should construct the attributes needed in their positions rather than HR dictating them.  We are building job descriptions based on an affinity process where team members construct their own attributes. The job descriptions will form a new foundation for criteria for hiring new team members as well as for employee review and development. I am fortunate to have an intern's help in pulling this process together over a 10-month period. HR will be working in partnership with our team and the work we create as a pilot project will then be reviewed for roll-out through the rest of the casino. 

A rubric for employee assessment is to be a key piece of the new performance appraisal system; and without this coursework, it would be a difficult piece to effectively implement. The performance appraisal project in particular provided me with a template for our rubric. I have provided it as an example to our development team along with a rubric from Texas A&M University that I found to be a good model. The Texas A&M rubric is also attached. I believe that this alignment project will be landmark work for me and for the casino and will provide the foundation for building capacity and capabilities in our team members for high performance. 

This project was created in PageMaker 7.0 and is an example of the desktop publishing work that I do as part of this masters program and in my professional work. 

Performance appraisal project for portfolio

Original Oregon University System assessment upon which my project was based

Texas A&M University assessment used as a model for my project

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