Dialogue, deliberation, and public engagement (DDPE) form the foundation for Dr. Inman’s service to NGO’s. educational, and governmental organizations. When community engagement is critical for the co-creation of a new path forward, DDPE strategies must be at the core of the initiative. Dr. Inman’s work is designed to transfer the knowledge and skills needed to the community so community members can co-create for themselves ongoing transformative conversations.

Dr. John Inman is a dialogue partner (Samtalspartner), creating relationships of mutual respect and trust with partners (or client systems) in service to generating value to stakeholders of the community. He approaches each relationship as a gift to be in service to his partners. He brings a depth of experience and expertise that helps him craft processes for client systems designed to create the sustainable transformation communities hope to achieve.

Public engagement is far more than the stale public forum strategies used so often by political and government agencies. Most often these entities see themselves as experts who should be telling the public what to do and what to think. This telling approach fly’s in the face of Dr. Inman’s conversational practice.

Dr. Inman believes in the wisdom people from all backgrounds bring to conversations. All participants have a say in the future of their community. Dr. Inman ensures the diverse voices in a community are heard by designing containers for, convening, and hosting transformative conversations in partnership with the community.

Dr. John Inman with David Isaacs and Dr. Juanita Brown, founders of The World Cafe. The World Cafe is one of the most powerful dialogic processes available to communities hoping to co-create a new future together.

Contact Dr. Inman at 541-497-3774 or at john@johninmandialogue.com to explore how he can help you achieve transformation in your community.