If I were funding a startup, I would require this solution…

The failure rate for startups is high. It is not only about the idea, it is about the team assembled to take the startup forward. Whether selecting, developing, or severing a team member, the wrong decision can be costly for a small enterprise. A wrong decision in hiring key players can spell the success or failure of an enterprise. Although large organization processes tend to be out of reach for a startup or small business, this is not so for our solutions. We specialize in helping get the right people in the right positions at all levels and then helping them accelerate performance. And this is done using tools that have been validated for nearly 60 years.

John Inman Dialogue has introduced a new solution for startups and small businesses that can substantially improve the success of placing the right people into the right jobs. The profit and startup success implications are compelling.

For details, explore the following introduction to this powerful solution. Note that this solution is designed to be easily scaled to any size organization:

Accelerate the Performance of your Startup

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