What would your organization feel and look like if all members were fully engaged together, unleashing their full creative selves to co-create the future delivering sustained operational effectiveness and value? Dr. John Inman is here to partner with you to realize that dream.

Why is this important?

The new normal is complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

To thrive in this environment, both a world class work process and a world class social system are necessary to create a differentiated value chain delivering value.

A world class social system is founded on communication process, i.e. conversation.

A new leadership mindset is necessary to lead in complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.

This new leadership mindset focuses on operational effectiveness and a unique strategic position leading to sustained superior performance. 

This interview from 4/22/1992 was about the work that I did as a consultant. The concepts underpinning my work are still core to what I do now.

Dr. Inman one page capability sheet on dialogic leadership

Dr. Inman brings a Northwest sensibility to his work. With a deep understanding of how work gets done in organizations, he advocates for dialogue then deliberation to develop high performing leaders, contributors, and organizations.

Contact Dr. Inman at 541-497-3774 or at john@dialogicleader.com to explore how he can help you transform managers into leaders who thrive in complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity.